The Mathews Law Group

Class Actions

The Mathews Law Group has represented consumers and employees across the country in class action lawsuits against some of the nation’s largest corporations. We represent consumers victimized by fraud, unfair business practices, defective products, or other illegal activities under both federal and state consumer protection laws. We also represent employees in wage and hour class actions.

A Class Action is a civil lawsuit brought on behalf of many people who have been harmed in a similar manner. A class action cannot be prosecuted unless at least one person harmed by the conduct is willing to serve as a class representative (Lead Plaintiff). Class action lawsuits may offer a number of advantages because they combine a large number of individual claims into one lawsuit. This can increase the efficiency of the legal process and also overcome the problem that small recoveries do not provide the incentive for individual to bring a solo action.

Pending Actions

Debt Collection Calls To Your Cell Phone:

We are currently investigating and have filed numerous class action lawsuits against debt collection companies who are calling the wrong person’s cell phone in an attempt to collect someone else’s debt. If you have received calls on your cell phone for a debt that you do not owe, please complete our confidential questionnaire.

Telemarketing Calls From Hilton To Your Cell Phone:

We are also currently litigating a class action against Hilton Grand Vacations Company for making telemarketing calls to consumers’ cell phones without their prior express consent as required by law.

Claims Adjusters Not Paid Overtime:

We have also filed wage & hour class action lawsuits on behalf of claims adjusters who were denied overtime compensation. If you are a claims adjuster and not paid overtime, you are encouraged to contact our office for a free consultation.

Age Discrimination By Bank Of America:

Another cutting-edge class action we are currently litigating is an age discrimination class action against Bank of America for its impermissible pre-hire job application, which asks for applicants’ year of birth and has resulted in highly qualified older workers being unjustly denied employment. In 2011, The Mathews Law Group represented an individual plaintiff in an employment lawsuit against Bank of America and the jury awarded our client $3,828,000 — we are eager to take on this financial giant once again and fight for justice!

Healthcare Services Group Employees Not Provided Lunch Breaks Within Five Hours Of Starting Work:

We have also filed wage & hour class action on behalf of Healthcare Services Group employees who were not permitted to take their lunch break within five hours of starting work (as required by California law). If you are an employee or former employee of Healthcare Services Group and were not permitted to take your lunch break within five hours of starting work, you are encouraged to contact our office for a free consultation.

Some of our pending class actions include:

  • Connelly, Sikes, Merritt v. Hilton Grand Vacations Company
  • Ernst v. Bank of America Corporation 
  • Gaa v. Intercare Insurance Services
  • Irizarry v. Healthcare Services Group
  • Lopez v. Tristar Risk Enterprise Management 
  • Ortega v. Credit Control Services (CCS)
  • Rosendo v. Crawford & Company, Broadspire, et al.